We make every work day go as smooth as silk.

We are experts in the consulting, design and development of oleodynamic solutions for moving equipment. We work closely with the best OEMs and body builders of industrial vehicles.

Collaborating with companies in the Interpump Hydraulics Group allows us to also offer PTOs, cylinders, piping and valves for complete solutions for vehicle fit out.

High Performance


An efficient hydraulic system ensures smooth and controlled lifting of bins. The ideal solution is the Hydroven mini power unit for light and medium to heavy vehicles with a DC motor from 12V to 24V, with power ratings from 500 W to 2200 W and S3 service, complete with thermocouple, a 200 A contactor and protective plastic cover. A broad choice of steel or plastic tanks with horizontal mounting (or vertical upon request) is also on offer. The maximum pressure is 250 bar.

Lorry curtain openers

The HY 10 COMPACT series’ lorry curtain openers allow the height of the side walls to be easily adjusted, offering flexibility and adaptability when transporting various loads.

Hydroven meets this need with the mini power pack with 12V to 24V DC motor with power ratings from 1600 W to 2200 W with S3 service, complete with thermocouple and 200 A contactor. The 10-litre thermoplastic tank comes with cover and mounting bracket. The maximum pressure achievable is 250 bar. Supplied with a socket for hand control or radio control connection.

Vehicle transport and lifting

The hydraulics fitted to automobile transport and lifting vehicles offer a combination of impressive lifting capacity and precise control, handling heavy loads with ease and adaptation to a range of transport situations.

Roll-off container vehicles

Container roll-off vehicles, also known as roll-off or roll-on/roll-off trucks, can handle containers in a range of sizes, such as 20-foot, 40-foot or even customised dimensions. These vehicles are equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that allows the containers to be lifted and tipped with ease. The hydraulic system is designed to provide sufficient force to lift heavy weights whilst ensuring precise control during loading and unloading.

The Hydroven mini power pack for this application has a ventilated 24V 3000W DC motor, complete with thermocouple, a 200 A contactor and a 35-litre steel tank underneath. The maximum pressure achievable is 300 bar. It is supplied with a socket for connecting a hand control or radio control.

Rescue and waste collection/compaction

In rescue operations, it is necessary to ensure speed and efficiency. Hydroven’s design and components make a massive difference for vehicles that must be able to cope with even extreme conditions.

Electric vehicles used for waste separation offer a sustainable solution for reducing emissions. Hydroven’s power units manage the movement of tippers and bins for compacting the green fleets of numerous multi-utilities.

Tail lifts for commercial vehicles and stationary use

Operator safety and the ability to sustain uninterrupted operation are the conditions to which Hydroven’s vehicle-mounted or stationary loading and unloading mechanisms respond.

Hydraulic lifts for disabled people

Reliability and safety are the hallmarks of Hydroven’s oleodynamic power units, which are an excellent choice for hydraulic lifts used on stationary aids and on vehicles designed to lift and transport disabled people. With durable performance and impeccable stability, these power units provide reliable support for facing daily challenges with peace of mind and confidence.

Livestock transport

In livestock transport, the use of hydraulic systems to operate ramps and gates and for moving the vehicle’s interior surface areas is essential. Hydraulic solutions from Hydroven ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading of animals, reducing stress and risks during transport.

Thanks to our hydraulic systems, the height of ramps and hatches can be easily adjusted, facilitating vehicle access and livestock handling. In addition, the movement of the internal surface areas allows the space to be adapted according to loading requirements, ensuring the welfare and safety of the animals during the journey.

Hydrofan cooling units

Hydraulic cooling units for vehicles are designed to dissipate the heat produced by the system during prolonged use. Ours are a viable alternative to classic systems with oversized tanks.

Special vehicles

From simple motorhomes to the most exclusive hospitality and roadshow trucks, all are equipped with systems for operating doors, platforms, loading and unloading compartment doors or even moving platforms to create liveable furnished spaces. All movements are controlled by Hydroven oleodynamic power units.


Peace of mind for everyday operations

We offer a tangible competitive advantage to commercial and industrial vehicle body builders using Hydroven power units, with our superior quality being directly reflected in the end-user experience.

Always reliable

Hydroven power units are designed to ensure the high productivity of machines and installations. Performance, availability and durability are the cornerstones of our hydraulic system offering. In addition, technical support and after-sales services are swift and reliable.

Production capacity and stock

We satisfy major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) through the high availability of components in stock managed with planned procurement logic.

We have earned our position as a global player by providing timely answers and concrete solutions for thousands of industrial applications and vehicles.

Hydroven and the Interpump Group

We are part of Interpump Hydraulics, which is in turn part of the Interpump Group. Our role as a system integrator triggers synergies that combine resources and expertise amongst over 130 different top players in the oleohydraulics and water jetting sectors.


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