Test Benches

A Hydroven bench is the common thread between perfection and reliability.

We produce test benches for hydraulic components, offering custom solutions ranging from small test benches to fully-automated test stations, operated by dedicated hardware and software. All in accordance with the specific requirements of the components to be tested.

The latest technology is utilised in designing our test benches. One new development is energy recovery that allows us to reduce power consumption and improve the overall efficiency of the testing process. This results in a reduced environmental impact in conjunction with significant energy savings.

Hydroven is an amalgamation of experience, technology and focus on efficiency, in the field of testing stages for hydraulic components.

High Performance

Hydraulic pumps and motors

Hydroven’s test benches for hydraulic pumps and motors are designed to verify performance and correct operation by simulating the real conditions under which the pump shall be used. During the test, the test bench reproduces a series of working conditions to verify and record the suitability of the product’s operating requirements.

Hydraulic jacks

Hydroven designs and manufactures test benches for hydraulic jacking units. Testing checks the seal of the cylinders both statically and dynamically, simulating thrust and pull loads to verify their effectiveness. It is even possible to monitor the degree of oil contamination during the test phase and to record operating parameters.

Compact hydraulics

Test benches for compact hydraulics are dedicated to checking cartridge valves, inline valves, bankable valves, flow diverters and integrated circuits.

Directional solenoid valves and distributors

Optimised test benches for trialling directional solenoid valves, distributors and logic blocks.


At the pinnacle of precision

Our expertise and ability to design and construct highly accurate testing instruments puts us in a position of excellence in the industry.

Always reliable

Hydroven power units are designed to ensure the high productivity of machines and installations. Performance, availability and durability are the cornerstones of our hydraulic system offering. In addition, technical support and after-sales services are swift and reliable.

Local and Global

Our production in Italy is carried out in two plants, in the province of Vicenza and Udine. We are part of a borderless international group, offering hydraulic systems and relative services. Our customers are everywhere, with their demands arising from various market scenarios. And we respond to each and every one by ensuring the same level of service, in Italy and abroad.

Hydroven and the Interpump Group

We are part of Interpump Hydraulics, which is in turn part of the Interpump Group. Our role as a system integrator triggers synergies that combine resources and expertise amongst over 130 different top players in the oleohydraulics and water jetting sectors.

Hydroven is here


    Muncie Power Products tests its quality with Hydroven benches

    The decision to rely on our test benches testifies to Muncie Power Products’ confidence in our advanced technology and our ability to design and manufacture highly accurate testing instruments. Thanks to the partnership with us, Muncie Power Products guarantees the utmost reliability and optimum performance of its hydraulic components, offering industry-leading solutions to its customers.

    Based in Muncie, Indiana, Muncie Power Products is a leading manufacturer of Power Take-Offs (PTOs) and hydraulic components for the industrial truck industry. Muncie Power Products is a company of the Interpump Group.


    Hydroven benches test Interpump Hydraulics oleohydraulics

    Interpump Hydraulics, a leader in hydraulic components, utilises our test benches to check the reliability and performance of its products. The decision to partner with us comes as the result of Hydroven’s established reputation as a provider of high-quality testing solutions. Through the use of our advanced test benches, Interpump Hydraulics can guarantee that its components comply with strict industry specifications and regulations.

    Interpump Hydraulics SpA is an international player in the hydraulics industry, a market leader in the development, production and distribution of PTOs, as well as one of the world’s leading players in hydraulic pumps, cylinders and other hydraulic components for industrial vehicles. Interpump Hydraulics SpA is a company of the Interpump Group.

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