Oleodynamic power units and components

Mini and micro power packs

At the heart of a hydraulic power pack is the oleodynamic circuit, which serves to supply and control the fluid flow within the system in which it is housed. This consists of a series of elements, including pumps, valves, motors, filters and tanks that work together to generate the flow and pressure required to move mechanical components. It is commonly utilised in mobile applications but is also found in industrial applications.

Power units

HY12 power units are hydraulic power systems for driving a broad range of key machinery and equipment for industrial automation, providing high power output in a safe and reliable manner, increasing the efficiency of production processes and reducing downtime. In addition, oleodynamic power units can be equipped with advanced sensors and controls that allow the speed, pressure and flow of the fluid output to be precisely monitored and regulated, ensuring optimal operation and increased safety in the workplace. Oleodynamic power units designed by Hydroven are fully customised to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Oil cooling systems

Hydrofan is an air-cooling system designed and manufactured by Hydroven, mainly utilised in mobile applications where it is necessary to dissipate heat generated during the operating cycle. Thanks to its technical characteristics, Hydrofan optimises the space and volume of oil required compared to traditional systems. In addition, Hydrofan is designed to withstand the harshest working conditions and mechanical stresses, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.


Hydroven test benches for oleodynamic components such as valves, distributors, pumps, cylinders.

Electric pumps

Our electric pump range includes models with high-efficiency DC and AC motors, in combination with standard gear, helical and piston pumps. Permanent magnet, brushless, inverter motors and other pump types are all available on request.

Logic blocks

Hydroven designs and manufactures blocks for a wide range of applications, employing specialized software like HydroSym© and modern CNC machining centers to ensure precise construction.

Flow dividers

A flow divider is a fundamental component for the oleodynamics used to divide the oil flow delivered by a pump into two or more directions. Thanks to their ability to precisely regulate the amount of fluid sent from each outlet, flow dividers facilitate the synchronisation of cylinders in a oleodynamic system, for example.

Hydroven produces 2 models of flow dividers: 1) DGHK-DGG-DGH series dynamic gear flow dividers; 2) DEQ series static flow dividers.

These components are employed in an oleodynamic system when the oil flow has to be divided between two or more cylinders or where it is necessary to up the pressure in a branch of the circuit.


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