From the bridge to the flybridge, oleodynamics allow you to experience the sea in safety and comfort.

For recreational boat builders, design and comfort aboard are key for the sailing experience. Luxury and comfort unite in harmony, offering solutions that satisfy the most exacting desires. Hydraulics assist and inspire in applications that make life on the boat easier, including by facilitating safe navigation and precise manoeuvring in port.

A mirrored steel footbridge and walkway in teak grating with hydraulic movement is just the beginning of an exciting adventure.

High Performance

Hydraulic wheelhouse

For large yachts, such as luxury and super-luxury yachts, the wheelhouse is assisted by hydraulic or electro-hydraulic systems that provide the necessary pressure to control the movement of the rudder and allow the skipper to steer the vessel with ease. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to achieve a quick and precise response when handling the boat’s direction, ensuring safe and comfortable navigation.

Davits for haulage and launching

Davits are an essential aid aboard yachts. They allow auxiliary vessels to be lifted and positioned accurately. These davits are designed with sophisticated hydraulic systems that offer optimal power and stability during hauling and launching operations

Stern hatches and swim platforms

Hydroven oleodynamic power packs are used to manage the movement of hatches, gangways and stern platforms. On large yachts, this area contains compartments for jet skis, tenders and auxiliary boats concealed by hatches that are operated by hydraulic systems.


Riding on the crest of a wave

Oleodynamics have been the solution for countless sectors and applications. Today, oleodynamics are set to be the solution yet again. We redefine power and control dynamics, test new materials, design intelligent systems, seek greater energy efficiency and reduce dimensions.

Made in Italy always makes all the difference

We combine the hallmarks of Italian technological design and innovation to develop and build hydraulic systems ready to meet the evolutions of the mobile market and the challenges of the industrial sector.

Hydroven and the Interpump Group

We are part of Interpump Hydraulics, which is in turn part of the Interpump Group. Our role as a system integrator triggers synergies that combine resources and expertise amongst over 130 different top players in the oleohydraulics and water jetting sectors.

Local and Global

Our production in Italy is carried out in two plants, in the province of Vicenza and Udine. We are part of a borderless international group, offering hydraulic systems and relative services. Our customers are everywhere, with their demands arising from various market scenarios. And we respond to each and every one by ensuring the same level of service, in Italy and abroad.


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