Marine / Oil & Gas

Hydraulic power for strategic applications.

Both sectors make extensive use of hydraulics for handling and lifting the many systems and equipment found aboard ships and on extraction platforms.

We are suppliers to major international engineering and construction players. Our experience as a system integrator is the added value needed to find efficiency and performance where it is needed.

High Performance

Work boats

Thanks to their ability to provide controlled flows and precision, our oleodynamics power packs allow the smooth movement of cylinders and hydraulic motors, guaranteeing extraordinary stability and reliable lifting power. Their energy efficiency and advanced safety features ensure optimal performance and a safe working environment for lifting and handling operations in maritime and industrial contexts.

Oil jacking

The purpose of the power units utilised in this context is to ensure adequate lubrication of the turbine bearings during start-up and shutdown phases or when the rotor is turning very slowly. This ensures that there is no damage or bearing failure, thus protecting the turbine and generator.


Creating a better tomorrow

The Oil & Gas industry is constantly evolving and the need for better and more efficient operations is ever-present. One of the most promising solutions to this challenge is the use of hydraulic power.

Local and Global

Our production in Italy is carried out in two plants, in the province of Vicenza and Udine. We are part of a borderless international group, offering hydraulic systems and relative services. Our customers are everywhere, with their demands arising from various market scenarios. And we respond to each and every one by ensuring the same level of service, in Italy and abroad.

Hydroven and the Interpump Group

We are part of Interpump Hydraulics, which is in turn part of the Interpump Group. Our role as a system integrator triggers synergies that combine resources and expertise amongst over 130 different top players in the oleohydraulics and water jetting sectors.

The guarantee of a tested process

For those involved in machinery and plant design, the assurance of partnering with a well-established multi-sector expert in both the mobile and industrial domains is a decisive factor.

Every technical proposal is the outcome of thorough analysis and simulations to create a prototype that seamlessly integrates with the intended system. From the inception of the project to testing, our technicians provide constant and direct assistance.


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