Our identity and values

We have been putting hydraulic power in motion since 1981.

We combine technology and knowledge in the design of hydraulic power units and integrated systems. Our organisation has historical roots in its sector, characterised by a strong spirit of innovation, meaning we are recognised as a key player in the world of oleodynamic applications.

HYDROVEN headquarter

The achievements we have made in the market over time are significant milestones and representative of what we offer our customers.

Still, what makes us truly unique and proud of what we do is how our organisation has evolved by meeting – and ofttimes anticipating – the demands of our stakeholders. The know-how expressed by our people, the trust of our customers and partners, the drive for innovation, these are all factors that show who we are and light the path and goals that lie ahead.

Our numbers.

production facilities
years of history
30 mln/e
countries in which we distribute
sectors in which we operate
mobile power units produced annually
industrial hydraulic systems produced annually

Two business areas for common growth.


Hydroven Mobile is dedicated to the consulting, design and development of micro and mini hydraulic power units, electric pumps, Hydrofan cooling systems and the sale of components for hydraulic systems for transport vehicles and material handling equipment. Europe’s leading commercial vehicle body builders come to us for design assistance and technical support.


Hydroven meets the needs of industrial applications involving steel, construction and infrastructure, machine tools, the food industry and more. Our strengths lie in our ability to understand the need of customers and encapsulate them in the final project. The versatility and reliability of the components used, coupled with constant attention to quality and efficiency, make Hydroven the preferred partner for projects of significant size and complexity.

Why Hydroven?

Prototyping as a key component in defining the standard of a product.


We offer a project development path lined with clear steps, with the customer being an active participant, providing the necessary technical documentation.

For example, co-design at no extra cost is proof of our availability and reliability. Together with the customer, we research every possible alternative to deliver the product on time. And we guarantee direct support from our technical department during the entire process.


Hydroven’s technical department consists of a team of experienced people with cross-sector and end-application expertise.

State-of-the-art fluid-dynamic simulation tools and 3D modelling software support our work to ensure:

  • reduced development time;
  • lower production costs;
  • better testing ability;
  • more efficient project updates.


Testing is as important as the design.

Our inspections are complete and accurate. We even verify that the individual components are perfectly integrated within the hydraulic power unit and that the intended operating cycles are adhered to. Thus, we guarantee the safety and efficiency of the entire system that will house our power units.


Our planned preventive maintenance programmes are the simplest and safest option for ensuring the lasting performance of Hydroven systems and components.

Also in the case of after-sales service requests, Hydroven’s Customer Service is always on hand to provide support to ensure the proper functioning of the systems that bear our power units.

The Group

Getting in touch with us means opening the door to a multinational group of 120 companies
each specialising in its own segment, reducing the supply chain of products and components.

Purpose and Values.

Offering innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for fluid motion control and management in various industrial applications help improve the productivity and quality of the customers’ production processes.


We look to the future and see a sustainable world in which oleodynamic technology is a driver of change.

purpose hydroven
la mission hydroven

Our mission is to create innovative oleodynamic power units, researching and proposing solutions that balance economy with environmental sustainability.

We are committed to exploring new combinations of technologies for the future whilst maintaining a hands-on approach

The values of the organisation are set and shared, as the beacon that guides our decisions each day.

There is a strong connection between Hydroven and the territory in which it was founded and grown. Our strength lies in the synergy between competence and the innate values of an area that has long been used to ‘doing business’. A combination of economic growth and connection to its roots has enabled the company to compete nationally and globally.


We are committed to maintaining quality standards for all products and services to ensure our reputation and trust with customers and suppliers.


We promote open and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders in Hydroven’s operations, including the employees, suppliers, customers, partners and the local community. The aim is to understand their needs and concerns, to forge a relationship of trust and collaboration that can lead to positive results for all concerned.


We work in teams to achieve common objectives and foster a calm and productive working climate.


We are committed to clarity and honesty in our activities, open communication and ethical principles.


We constantly strive to improve our products and services, investing in Research and Development to keep pace with market advancement.


Our business’ main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, seeing their well-being and loyalty as our top priorities.