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Technology for memorable yet safe fun.

Amusement park attractions have seen an incredible technological evolution over the years. From simple mechanical merry-go-rounds to carousels, they have become increasingly complex, engaging and adrenaline-pumping. Advanced electronic and hydraulic engineering systems form the basis for designing and building attractions where thrill-seekers are whizzed around at very high speed, experiencing extreme thrills.

Hydroven’s offering for amusement builders combines experience and design capability.

High Performance

Amusement park attractions

Hydraulics are fundamental to amusement park rides, providing the necessary movement and control of the various parts of the rides. Lifting and lowering, rotating, tilting and lateral inclination can be managed, along with various types of drives. Hydroven power units allow for smooth and controlled movements, ensuring fun yet safe experiences for visitors.


Hydraulics for safe fun

Hydroven’s engineering department plays a key role in the design of hydraulic power units for amusement park attraction builders. We know the specific needs of the industry and respond to requests with innovative technical solutions. Smooth and precise movements then ensure great and safe thrills.

Made in Italy always makes all the difference

We combine the hallmarks of Italian technological design and innovation to develop and build hydraulic systems ready to meet the evolutions of the mobile market and the challenges of the industrial sector.

Always reliable

Hydroven power units are designed to ensure the high productivity of machines and installations. Performance, availability and durability are the cornerstones of our hydraulic system offering. In addition, technical support and after-sales services are swift and reliable.

Production capacity and stock

We satisfy major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) through the high availability of components in stock managed with planned procurement logic.

We have earned our position as a global player by providing timely answers and concrete solutions for thousands of industrial applications and vehicles.


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