Hydraulics for a cleaner future.

Oleodynamics has become fundamental in certain types of renewable energy generation plants. For example, hydraulics ensure reliable and long-lasting operation of large wind turbines by reducing the impact of maintenance and spare parts.

In the construction of photovoltaic systems with a tracking system, oleodynamic power units enable the movement to orient and tilt the panels correctly.

High Performance

Wind power

In wind energy, the main oleodynamic functions include orientation control, rotor braking, gear motor cooling, lubrication and power transfer. These functions enable greater energy efficiency and ensure the safety and durability of wind turbines.

Solar power

In solar power systems, hydraulic power satisfies the need to automatically orient and tilt the panels so as to optimise the angle of incidence of solar radiation. The movement that changes the orientation and tilt is handled by Hydroven power units or components that are perfectly integrated into the control system itself.


Energy that’s good for everyone

The demand for green energy is growing globally and increasingly efficient renewable generation systems are needed. To this end, our Development and Research team works daily works each and every daily, studying new hydraulic solutions to improve the performance of wind turbines and solar power systems.

Local and Global

Our production in Italy is carried out in two plants, in the province of Vicenza and Udine. We are part of a borderless international group, offering hydraulic systems and relative services. Our customers are everywhere, with their demands arising from various market scenarios. And we respond to each and every one by ensuring the same level of service, in Italy and abroad.

Made in Italy always makes all the difference

We combine the hallmarks of Italian technological design and innovation to develop and build hydraulic systems ready to meet the evolutions of the mobile market and the challenges of the industrial sector.

Long-term partnerships

More research equals better outcomes. We invest in people and resources to achieve efficient products in mechanical performance, hydraulics and electronic integration, positioning ourselves as a bearer of innovation for the market. This aptitude is in our DNA and is the source of every long-lasting commercial and industrial relationship.


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