High-tech hydraulics for Industry 4.0

Hydraulic presses are machines that avail of hydraulic power to generate a large amount of pressure. This pressure is then utilised in various industrial applications such as metal forming, compaction or special applications to test the resilience of components, with the materials pressed to test their compressive strength characteristics, all monitored by load cells, whilst a control panel is fitted should a specific pressing cycle be required for the test to be performed.

Hydroven oleodynamic power units are highly valued by press manufacturers for their great design and use of high-quality components.

High Performance

Pressing and compacting

As the world of pressing and compaction is evolving, there is a need for state-of-the-art solutions that save energy whilst maintaining high degrees of efficiency. Hydroven presents a plethora of solutions to optimise the approach phase and the subsequent pressing whilst seeking to limit the power required in favour of cost savings in terms of energy spent on handling.


Shared objectives

We take a proactive and purposeful approach, helping the customer to overcome potential challenges they may face without losing sight of the investment and impact to be achieved.

Custom solutions as standard

Mobile and industrial are the two markets we target. Hydroven is able to fulfil innumerable applications, all similar but none identical. Ours is a catalogue of unique solutions perfected over more than 40 years of supplying the world’s leading truck body builders and installation manufacturers.

Hydroven and the Interpump Group

We are part of Interpump Hydraulics, which is in turn part of the Interpump Group. Our role as a system integrator triggers synergies that combine resources and expertise amongst over 130 different top players in the oleohydraulics and water jetting sectors.

Always reliable

Hydroven power units are designed to ensure the high productivity of machines and installations. Performance, availability and durability are the cornerstones of our hydraulic system offering. In addition, technical support and after-sales services are swift and reliable.


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