Building & Infrastructure

Hydraulics is the unyielding force behind every idea realised.

Hydraulic power units are an essential component in the construction and relative industries, with many significant applications. We find hydraulic solutions for handling cranes, gantry cranes and lifting and transfer systems such as launching gantry or for handling aggregates in quarries or cement plants.

In the construction industry, Hydroven products are used in building equipment, in lifts and even automated parking and underground carlift garage systems.

The solutions designed and implemented by Hydroven transform everyday needs into something standard and accessible to everyone.

High Performance


Our productions handle the movement of cranes during positioning, opening and operating. They are even used to handle emergency braking systems.

Lighting towers

Mobile industrial lighting is a segment to which we respond with truly efficient and compact products that ensure long-term reliability.

Construction site machinery

Heavy-duty power units come supplied with endothermic engines, in full compliance with current anti-pollution regulations, having power ratings up to 800 HP. They are capable of handling lifting and transfer systems such as cranes or specific equipment such as launching gantry.

Hydraulic parking systems

Today’s urban context makes it necessary to optimise space in view of increasing population density. Hence the need to mechanise vehicle parking spaces, both for individual dwellings and multi-spot areas. Hydroven’s products make a valuable contribution to the management of underground parking spaces and robotised car parking systems.

Aggregates conveyor belts

Aggregate conveyor belts are driven by Hydroven power units that can operate up to 8 rollers simultaneously and, in synchrony, are equipped with heat exchangers to allow operation throughout the day. They are used in quarries, construction sites and wherever there is a need to move aggregate materials.


Designing and building safely

Hydroven power units are the result of our constant efforts to ensure maximum reliability and safety. We know how important it is to face daily challenges with the surety of being able to trust in solid, state-of-the-art solutions.

Local and Global

Our production in Italy is carried out in two plants, in the province of Vicenza and Udine. We are part of a borderless international group, offering hydraulic systems and relative services. Our customers are everywhere, with their demands arising from various market scenarios. And we respond to each and every one by ensuring the same level of service, in Italy and abroad.

Always reliable

Hydroven power units are designed to ensure the high productivity of machines and installations. Performance, availability and durability are the cornerstones of our hydraulic system offering. In addition, technical support and after-sales services are swift and reliable.

Long-term partnerships

More research equals better outcomes. We invest in people and resources to achieve efficient products in mechanical performance, hydraulics and electronic integration, positioning ourselves as a bearer of innovation for the market. This aptitude is in our DNA and is the source of every long-lasting commercial and industrial relationship.


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