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UK 0,25 S 30 G

Availability: 48pcs

UK - UK Flange
Group: 0,25 (photo)
Rotation: S - counter clockwise
Size: 30 - 0,32 cc
Shaft type: G - Tang Drive
Flow at 1500 rpm: 0,48 l/min
Max. Continuous Pressure: 190 bar
Max. Intermittent Pressure: 210 bar
Max. Peak Pressure: 230 bar
Max. Speed: 7000 rpm
External gear pumps are the most popular pumps used in modern hydraulic systems. They feature versatility, strength and long useful life. Their simple construction ensures limited purchase costs and servicing.

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PW 2/E-15 Sx FE

Availability: 1pcs

PW 2/E-15 (photo)
rotation: left
capacity: 15.5 cc
max working pressure P1: 230 bar
max speed for P1 pressure: 3000 rpm
min speed for P1 pressure: 350 rpm
The pump W2 is characterized by a two piece cast iron construction; this ensures greater rigidity and compact size.
High performance and efficiencies up to 95%. Recommended for heavy duty and under conditions of rapid temperature variations.

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10-C 2,5 Dx 135-G

Availability: 144pcs

10 = group (photo)
C = rotation
2,5 = displacement
Dx = through the front cover
135 = pump code
basic D.32 pipe thread 3/8"-3/8"
flow at 1500 rpm: 3,53 l/min
flow at max rpm: 8,23 l/min
pressure: 250 bar
max speed: 3500 rpm
The gear pumps are designed for transforming the mechanical energy as energy of the working liquid (pressure and flow rate). They are simplified in construction and they have a relatively low cost. All these benefits ensure their wide application in the hydraulic systems.

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