Hydroven srl, is based at Tezze Sul Brenta in the province of Vicenza and was formed at the beginning of the Eighties for the production of hydraulic components. It was immediately operative, designing and producing a range of static and dynamic Hydraulic Flow Diverters, required for various applications in the hydraulic field, complete with phase advancement blocks. This product was successful amongst key end users, both in Italy and abroad, and enabled the company to enlarge and define its range of products over the years, as follow:
- Modular components for mini control units
- Sliding vector, static Hydraulic Flow Diverters; dynamic, gear Hydraulic Flow Diverters, dynamic, closed-volume Hydraulic Flow Diverters
- Functional valves
- Hydraulic gear pumps
- Manual pumps
- Hydraulic, logic blocks
- Master cylinders
- Power Pack units


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