Code of Ethics


Hydroven adopted the Model of Organisation and Control ex Italian decree D.Lgs. no. 231/2001 concerning the administrative responsibility of legal entities.
Said Model identifies, for each single type of significant offence, the activities considered to be most at risk and the controls adopted and implemented by Hydroven srl in order to manage the risk.
The Model is completed by the Code of Ethics, the Disciplinary System and the operative procedures for regulation of "sensitive" corporate processes.

Hydroven considers compliance with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics and the commitment to implement the necessary procedures and precautions aimed at preventing the offences as at the mentioned decree to be an integral part of the relationship with Employees, Collaborators, Customers, Suppliers, and, in general, contractual counterparties.

It is possible to read the principles, rules of conduct and corporate ethics downloaded the Code of Ethics directly from this site.
It is also possible to download the Whistleblowing Procedure; any observation or clarification needed must be addressed directly to the Regulatory Body at the following e-mail:






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